3 Solutions To Help Control The Waste Of A Big Event And Keep Your Property Clean

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Having an event on your property like a wedding or family reunion can be a lot of fun. It can also be the source of a big mess if you have a significant number of guests. To ensure that the waste is under control, you may want to put some systems in place, such as roll off containers for waste, trash containers, and even temporary fencing to keep debris confined to an event area. Here are some solutions that can help you keep the waste of your event under control and make cleaning things up a lot easier:

1. Rent A Roll Off Container To Dispose Of Waste Quickly And Easily

If you are hosting an event that will have hundreds or even thousands of guests, the waste that can be produced can literally be tons. To keep all this waste under control, rent a roll off container to easily clean up and have the waste hauled off. If you are concerned about the appearance, consider having the container delivered and dropped in an area like a garage, barn, or shop so it will be inconspicuous and not an unsightly addition to your event.

2. Keep The Waste Under Control By Renting Recycling Trash Receptacles For The Event

Waste can be a problem when you have any large group of people, but providing them with trash receptacles can be a great way to control the problem. Many waste management services can provide you with the receptacles you need to keep your property clean. If you want to your event to be cleaner and greener, you may even want to consider renting receptacles that separate waste into different recycling containers.

3. Contain Debris In An Event Area By Installing Low-Profile Temporary Fencing

Some events that have thousands of people may be a mess when all the guests are gone. Waste that gets left behind can be scattered all over your property by wind, animals, and other causes. To prevent this, a simple solution can be to install a temporary fence to contain any waste in the event area. This can also make cleaning up easier when you can use a leaf blower to make piles of waste against the fence and easily dispose of it.

These are some solutions that can help you contain the waste of your event and prevent problems with the cleaning up after your guests are gone. If you are planning an event on your property, contact a waste management service, such as ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services, and talk with them about renting roll off containers and trash receptacles to keep waste in its place.