3 Tips For Using A Portable Toilet At Your Wedding

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If you are planning an outdoor wedding, providing a restroom for guests is a must. Many couples opt to rent a portable toilet. If you are planning to do so, here are some tips for having the portable toilet at your wedding. 

Select a Restroom Type and Book It in Advance

Portable toilets come in a variety of sizes, including trailers. Once you know how much you have available in your budget for the toilet, determine which one you want to use. Some couples opt for the trailers because they are roomy and are a bit more upscale than the standard portable toilet. 

Regardless of which toilet you opt for, it is important that you contact the portable toilet service at least two months ahead of your wedding to place a reservation. Depending on when your wedding is held, obtaining a portable toilet could be difficult. 

Find the Right Location for the Toilet

Ideally, you should not place the portable toilet right near the area in which your guests will be seated. However, you want to ensure that it is accessible to everyone who attends your wedding, including children. 

You want to place the portable toilets that are in an area that is visible, but does not take away from the spirit of your wedding. Areas such as the rear of the space or in corners are usually good spots. 

In addition to factoring in accessibility, you also need to consider safety. If the portable toilet is not properly secured, it could potentially tip over. Make sure your toilet is not placed on an incline or anywhere that it could be accidentally pushed over by guests. 

Do Not Forget Sanitation

Depending on the portable toilet you select, a hand washing station might not be provided. If not, you need to make arrangements to have one near the toilet so that guests can practice good hygiene. 

If you are planning to hold more than a one-day event, consider scheduling a service for the portable toilet. The toilet can be sanitized so that your guests can continue to use it. 

You should also consider additional lighting in the area around the portable toilet if your wedding is going to be at night. A lighted path to the toilet can help guests get safely to and from the toilet. 

Consult with the portable toilet service operators to find other ways to ensure that your guests have a pleasant experience with the portable toilets. Contact a company like Road Runner Waste Service Inc for more information about your options.