3 Reasons Getting A Septic Tank Inspection Before Purchasing A Home Is Crucial

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Before you purchase a home with a septic tank, it is crucial that you first obtain a septic tank inspection before you finalize the sale. Here are the top three reasons why it is always best to get a septic tank inspection before you go through with the sale.

#1 Allow You To Identify Any Issues With The Septic Tank

The primary reasons why you should get a septic tank inspection before you finalize the sale on any home that includes a septic tank is that it will allow you to make a more informed purchasing decision. The inspection should reveal any issues with the septic tank and should provide you with an idea of the type of maintenance and repair the system will need in both the short term and in the longer-term once you actually own the home.

If you get an estimate along with the inspection, that should give you an idea of the cost of the required care and maintenance. This will give you negotiating power as you finalize the price and will also help you save for future home-related expenses. 

#2 Allow You To Know Exact Size Of Your Septic Tank

Often times, the homeowner may not have the paperwork that provides you with important details such as what exact kind of septic tank is installed on the property and the exact size of the tank. This information will help you take care of the tank and know when it will need flushed more accurately. 

A qualified inspector will be able to determine the size of your septic tank and let you know the intervals at which it will need to be pumped and cleaned in the future. They should also be able to give you an idea of the age and condition of the septic tank so you can determine if you need to plan for the installation of a new one down the road. This can be a major expense that you will want to budget for. 

#3 Allow You To Know The Size & State Of Your Drainage Field 

Finally, just as important as your septic tank is your drainage field. Your drainage field is part of your sewage system, and also needs to be properly maintained. You are not going to want to put a driveway over your septic field or build on top of it. Compact dirt can compromise the integrity of your drainage system and reduce is effectiveness. Additionally, you should only plant short-rooted vegetation, such as grass, on your septic field. Vegetation with deep roots can damage your pipes and tank and should be kept back from your drainage field. 

You need to understand the limitations of your ability to use your land based on where your drainage field is located; an inspection can provide you with that information. 

In order to make the most informed buying decision, make sure that you get a septic inspection from a qualified septic tank service before purchasing a home with a septic tank.