Avoiding Mishaps With Your Septic System

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If you are in the process of closing on a home you are purchasing, you will soon find out that you will be responsible for a variety of maintenance tasks to keep it in the best of condition. One portion of your home that will need to be cared for is the septic system. Failing to do routine maintenance can lead to unfortunate clogging, overflowing, or repair work of the system, making it difficult for inhabitants as they will need to find alternate sources of water to use until it is fixed. Here are some tips you can use in an attempt to avoid downtime in the running of your septic system.

Call For An Evaluation Every Year

It is a good idea to hire a septic service to take a look at the entire system to make sure there are no underlying problems that could cause damage to the septic in the future. When they do this evaluation, they will pump out your septic tank. Ask the service for their recommendation regarding subsequent pumping so you are on the proper schedule for your size tank and water usage habits. It is a good idea to have this service do their evaluation yearly so your septic remains in the best of shape.

Make Sure Unbiodegradables Are Kept Out Of The Tank

Alert all who use your toilets and sinks to avoid placing items that are not biodegradable into the piping system. This could cause havoc to the septic pump as well as the contents inside of the tank. If grease, chemical agents, or plastic items are placed in the pipes, they can alter the consistency of the tank waste. This would make it harder for the pump to properly push the material out to the mound area. If matter is too thick, or if there is an obstruction within the matter, the pipes are at risk for breaking. This would necessitate immediate assistance from a septic service.

Try Your Best To Conserve Water

Changing habits in how you use water within the home can be helpful to your septic system. The septic pump will not need to work as frequently to push water waste to its collection area. Minimizing the time the pump needs to work will help keep it running for longer, keeping your septic in operating order as a result. Stop leaving a sink running when you brush your teeth and consider turning off the water in between washing dishes. Wear clothing for two sessions to save on the amount of water you use to launder these articles.