Fundraising Items for Your Volunteer Firehouse

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If you're responsible for organizing a charity drive for your local volunteer firehouse, you should consider choosing specific items to promote. While many people will give money to a general fund, they might be more receptive if they can donate to the purchase of a specific item. That way they will have a more intimate connection to the process. Some things are going to be very expensive (a new firetruck, for instance) and you might not be able to make the target. People who donate might be more excited to see immediate results. So,you might want to choose some items that are not too pricey. Here's a list of two items you can list for your fundraiser that people can donate to. Both are critical to firemen safety, so they are both very important.

Fire Hoods

Every fireman needs to wear a fire hood. These are an essential part of the gear that protects them from burns. Firemen put these protect hoods on before they put on their helmet. The hoods are made of a fire retardant material that conforms to the shape of the head and neck. Unlike helmets, these need to be replaced quite often. Because they are worn directly on the skin, they get sweaty. They are also likely to get filled with smoke and debris. The fireman will need to wash them frequently. This breaks down the fire hood. The more washing and wear and tear the fire hood goes through, the less likely it is to be effective in preventing fire. So, the firehouse will always want new fire hoods in stock. You can list these items as fundraising goals, and since they are not too expensive, an individual might even be able to contribute the whole cost.


One of the most crucial items for fighters are respirators. When a building is filled with smoke, it is simply impossible to navigate the rooms and hallways safely without proper breathing equipment. The firemen will need to clear a building and make sure that there are no tenants stuck inside the various rooms. Even when the blaze is under control, the smoke can still linger and be dangerous and potentially fatal. Many fireman succumb to smoke inhalation, so a working respirator is vital. These also need to be replaced quite often. You can list both the respirator canisters as well as the masks. The canisters are essential because they need to be replaced to keep the mask effective. The actual mask itself will also need to be replaced eventually because the rubber materiel and straps that secure it to the fireman's face will breakdown due to long term heat exposure.

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