Signs That Indicate You Need To Hire A Mold Inspector

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If you are a homeowner, knowing the signs of a mold problem is important. At the first indication of mold difficulties, it is best to hire an inspector to determine the type of mold, how far it has spread in your home, and the proper tactics to eradicate it. Here are signals that your home needs treatment for a mold issue.

Growth Is Visible On Surfaces In Your Home

Mold varies in color from a dark black to a green algae-type appearance. If you notice any type of staining on the walls, ceilings, or floors in your home, do not take the risk of ignoring it. Contact an inspector to evaluate the mold in detail as soon as possible, as the growth can easily spread if it is left in place. Be sure to conduct routine checks of your attic, basement, and crawlspace for discoloration on building materials. 

Moisture Contributes To Mold Growth

Anywhere moisture is present, mold is a possibility. Take the time to tend to any plumbing issues in and around your home as soon as they arise. When moisture is allowed to build up near or on building materials your home is made from, there is a chance of mold growth following. Check for dripping faucets and inspect the surrounding areas in detail for fuzziness on surfaces. 

Odor May Occur When Mold Is Present

Some mold emits an odor when it grows. If you smell a musty, sour odor in certain areas of your home, mold may be the contributor to this problem. Do not use air fresheners in areas where you worry about mold growth occurring. This way, you have the power of smelling the odor projected from a moldy surface so you can contact an inspector to take a look at the spot right away.

People Or Pets Are Experiencing Health Issues

When mold is not removed from the inside of a home, it causes a variety of health problems to those who come into close proximity to it. This ranges from respiratory issues such as coughing, wheezing, and sneezing, to intense headaches or watery eyes. If you, someone else, or a pet is experiencing symptoms that mimic an allergic reaction, mold in your home could very well be the reason why. It is important to obtain treatment from a physician or veterinarian for mold-related health problems as soon as they are experienced.

For professional assistance, contact a mold inspection service in your area.